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Pre-reading Stations for Oscar et la dame rose

One of the English/reading teachers in my building presented some pre-reading ideas on building background information through stations.  She said that through the stations, the students connected more to the text than they had in past years.  I took some of her ideas and combined it with materials I purchased from TpT to create stations for Oscar et la dame rose that will help my students understand the main themes of the book and have a basic understanding of the plot.  During the stations, my students were engaged and collaborated with their classmates.  Hopefully they will have a better understanding of the text and connect with it sooner so they are hooked.


Station 1: Sketch to Stretch

Students read the intro handout from the TpT materials that I purchased.  While they were reading, they discussed with a partner and visualized what was happening in the text.  After they read, they sketched a picture of whatever thoughts or ideas that came to their mind.  Finally, in a small group, they shared their sketch and explained what it meant to them.


Station 2: Quotes

Students read quotes about life and death and then picked one that spoke to them or that they connected with.  They discussed this in a small group and then wrote a short explanation on a post-it .


Station 3: See, Think, Wonder

Students looked at a couple pictures and described what they saw, thought and wondered.  They added their ideas to posters at the station.

see think

Station 4: Thematic Questions

Students wrote a response to 3 questions, from the TpT unit, and then read their classmate’s responses and connected to their ideas by agreeing, disagreeing or adding on.

Station 5: Flipgrid 

This station did not have anything to do with the book, but I felt that I needed to have another station so that students would be able to spread out more.  Students described what they did over spring break and then responded to two of their classmates.

Optional Station: Music

I was going to add a station that incorporated music and some si clauses, but I decided to save it for a whole class lesson.  I will be using Mourir Demain with my students and reviewing si clauses before we start reading on Friday.


5 thoughts on “Pre-reading Stations for Oscar et la dame rose

  1. I also added a pre-reading activity based on a Pinterest/meme thing I found.

    Part 1: Prepare blank pages with a variety of ages (10 ans, 20 ans, etc). Students work in pairs while music is playing and then switch when music stops. Papers stay where they are.

    Instructions on board for students:
    Activité: Les décennies de la vie (Reverse Musical Chairs)
    2 minutes pour écrire à chaque station.
    Quand on pense à cet âge de la vie, qu’est-ce qu’on y associe?
    événements/moments importants

    Part 2:
    Then, I posted this https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/e/2PACX-1vS6jgpolvAzzAwxieKC99EB2n1D_CLTi4_4y0L9v5D6Jb8-kKqOcf4BAjSVyik7vfVlfJ9jKT-eiJfl/pub?w=558&h=500 with the questions Pourquoi cet ordre? Peut-on l’organiser autrement?

    This gave us something to refer back to during the reading of the book when Oscar is “20”, “30”, etc.


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