Personal Learning Time

Starting Fresh

starting fresh

The last few weeks haven’t gone as well as I had hoped. A lot of students weren’t using their time in class to complete choice and required activities. I checked in with every student everyday, encouraged students to finish (or even start) their work, planned formative activities that would prepare them for the summatives, and reminded them and their parents about due dates and assessments. I’m not sure if it was the end of the tri blues or what, but Personal Learning Time (PLT) wasn’t working like it used to.  I was disappointed by the number of students who just barely met most of the requirements on the assessment when I know that they could do better.

With a new trimester comes a fresh start where students and teachers can make changes to improve. I decided that we needed to review what the expectations are during PLT, but instead of me telling them I had them tell me what the expectations should be.

Each student had two different post it notes and had a few minutes to write down what PLT should look and sound like. Then, students shared their ideas with a small group. Once they shared their ideas, they created a group summary of the most important ideas. Finally, groups shared out their summaries and we created a common set of PLT expectations.

I’m hoping that taking the time (15 minutes) to have students develop their own expectations will make PLT better. If things get off track again, I can remind them that these are the expectations that they created.

Almost all students have been using their time well in class. I am enjoying PLT again because the energy of my students is positive and I get to interact with my students daily.

Now I need to create a poster so the expectations can be displayed all the time and really work on having all playlists (or at least one ahead) ready for my fast finishers.


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