Flexible Seating

Midsummer Check-In

At the very end of the school year, I posted about what I hoped to accomplish this summer.  I am about halfway through the summer, so I thought I would check-in to see where I am at.   Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 9.26.14 AM

There were a few things that I forgot to include on my to do list, like finish my graduate credits (check), take a CARLA course and RELAX.  I’ve already been on two family vacations, spent fun days on the lake, read a couple of books, and caught up on some Netflix shows.  I definitely plan on relaxing as much as possible before back to school workshops start up.

I am currently take a five week online CARLA Summer Institute about Using the Web for Communicative Language Learning.  It just started last week, but I have started connecting with other language teachers around the world and I look forward to learning more and sharing ideas.

So far, my focus has been on blended learning and updating my classroom to provide flexible seating.  I have been working on a blended learning presentation with a colleague for the MN eLearning Summit in August as well as brainstorming ideas on how to implement Personal Learning Time at the beginning of the year.

As for flexible seating, I recently found The Teal Paper Clip’s post about flexible seating and have been inspired by the transformation of her classroom.  I also purchased a few items from Craigslist to add to my classroom.  I found some barstools that I will need to reupholster and two green lamps that will add to the ambiance of the classroom.  I will post pictures once I get some work done.

Next up, I am having LASIK eye surgery tomorrow!  I’m a bit nervous, but definitely excited to ditch my glasses.  After this I plan on reading up on IPAs, creating a Breakout EDU activity and some photo activities, and relaxing some more.  Hope you are having a relaxing summer!



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