Flexible Seating

Classroom Redesign

Flexible seating is widely utilized in elementary schools, but rare in middle and high schools.  Since I have been blending my French 1 class, I have been researching how to give my students more choice in their learning and one way is by using flexible seating.

Currently, I have several groups of tables to facilitate collaboration and a few tables that are separated to allow for more individual work.


This set-up works well for my students, but there is almost no choice for students.  Students can work in a group, in a pair, individually, or in the hall.  I used to have carpet and students would sit on the floor, but now with tile, students rarely sit on the floor.

I surveyed my students about where they would prefer to sit during whole class instruction and personal learning time.  The top choices for whole class instruction were exercise balls, wiggle stools, office desk chairs, and cushions for floor seating.  Students are obviously looking for a little variety and more comfort than the traditional chairs I currently have.  For personal learning time, students said that they would prefer to sit on cushions on the floor, work alone at high top tables, and have more choice for seating at a regular table.

I received a grant to purchase some classroom furniture and it has all finally arrived!  I ordered 2 adjustable height rectangle tables, 2 wave adjustable height tables, a white board round table, 6 stools and 5 zenergy balls.  I also received 2 Kore stools from Donorschoose.org and purchased a couch from a colleague.

Now that I have all of the furniture, I need to figure out a classroom layout that will work best and get rid of extra furniture.  My plan this summer is to create a plan for flexible seating and a room layout.  I’d love to hear your experience with flexible seating and any tips or ideas that you have.




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