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Summer To Do List

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It seems that there is always something new to learn about and it can be easy to become overwhelmed, so I have picked a few things that I want to focus on for the summer.

IPAs and Proficiency I received the Implementing Integrated Performance Assessment from ACTFL earlier this year, but I have not had a chance to read it yet.  I have started to work with IPAs, but I am still at the beginning stages of this process.  I hope that I will have a better understanding of how to create and grade an IPA as well as how to prepare students so that they are able to succeed.  In addition, I hope to give students feedback related to their proficiency and how advance to the next level.  With this feedback, I need to figure out a way to have students track their proficiency.  This year I implemented Personal Learning Time, and the first thing that students do is to set a SMART goal that is number related (4, 3, 2), but I hope to switch this to a more proficiency based SMART goal.

Blended Learning and Personal Learning Time  When I first began Personal Learning Time in December, I jumped in feet first and didn’t roll it out slowly.  This summer I plan on developing a plan to roll it out at the beginning of the year and helping students see the relationship of effort and achievement.  I also need to finalize a presentation for a session that I am presenting at the MN eLearning Summit.

Flexible Seating  I have received several new pieces of furniture to start transforming my classroom and offering flexible seating options for my students.  I need to research and develop a management plan to help students pick the best seat for them.  I also need to brainstorm classroom layouts and look for more grant opportunities or free furniture that will fit in my classroom.

Breakout EDU  I recently tried out a Breakout EDU in my French class and it was such a success that I need to create and/or find more breakouts.  We just received our kits and I am going to bring one home to refer to.

Photo Activities  Currently, I teach French 1 and IB French B SL years 1 and 2.  One of the assessments that the IB students have to complete is to describe a photo for 3-4 minutes in French.  I am currently developing an activity to scaffold this process and make it accessible for students in the lower levels (French 1-4) so that they have experience before they get to the IB class.

So this is my plan for the summer, after I relax and decompress a bit.  I will update my blog over the summer and share my progress.



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