Teaching Strategies

Summer Enrichment Activities

Getting ALL of my Diploma Programme students to complete a summer assignment is a challenge.  In the past, I’ve had specific activities that students had to complete by a certain date throughout the summer, but the completion rate was not very high and was so disappointing.  I know that my students had the best of intentions, but once they leave school for the summer, French class is the last thing on their minds.

I’m hoping that by offering choice this year that all of my students will complete the enrichment activities.  In my French 1 class, I have been allowing students to choose activities to help them practice a concept.  This method has been very successful and my students are more successful than last year when I used a traditional teaching method.  I tried to make the activities fun, easy to integrate into their daily lives, and even include interaction with others.

Summer assignment

I’ve also had success incorporating goal setting and reflection into each unit, so it only makes sense to include these elements into this summer assignment.

Here is the link to the summer enrichment assignment.  I hope that I have ALL of my students complete this assignment this year!


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