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Quel temps fait-il?

I’m always so amazed at how other teachers share the resources that they’ve created.  Madame Shepard just recently shared a unit on the election in France and I am planning on using that as a starting point for the unit I need to create (Merci Madame Shepard!). Since I benefited from her work, I hope that you can use some of these materials in your classroom.  Here are 3 activities that I used in my Quel temps fait-il unit.  For this unit, students learned how to say dates and their birthdays as well as describe the weather in French.  As a culminating activity, students picked a Francophone country and created a poster about the weather in that country.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Bon Anniversaire Mixer

In addition to practicing how to say their birthday, I used this activity to help students get to know each other a little better since we just started a new trimester.  I did give an incentive to students to try to talk to as many people as possible in the time allotted – and it worked!  It is funny how a prize (sticker, candy, pencil, etc) can motivate students to try a little harder.  I did explain to students that they had to speak French and couldn’t just exchange papers.


Culture Readings

I had to be out of the classroom for IB testing and I had my students learn a little more about the weather patterns and holidays/vacations in France.  They read two short articles/infographics and then answered comprehension questions and compared it to the US.  You can find the reading about climates in France here and holiday infographic #1 here & #2 here.


Weather Foldable


I have seen many ideas for using foldables in the classroom, so I decided to incorporate this as a small group formative activity.  For this activity, students wrote each of the 4 seasons on the front and then on the inside, they had to write a sentence for each season to describe the weather in MN.  Finally, students described which season(s) they like and dislike and why.  While the rest of the class worked on their PLT, I was able to work with small groups of students and tailor the instruction to their level.  So for the advanced students, I gave them expressions that would encourage them to write more advanced sentences, whereas with my lower students, we focused on basic sentence structure and vocabulary.  This activity really prepared students for the summative and gave me an opportunity to get to know students on a more personal level.  Many students said that this was one of the highlights of the unit.



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