Blended Learning

PLT 1.0 –> 2.0

Since I only had one week between the time that I initially created PLT and implementation, there were definitely things that went well and others that needed to be changed.  Overall, I was very pleased with how well PLT went.


Here is what went well with PLT…

  • Student Satisfaction

Based on the surveys and reflections, students are satisfied with their learning.  Many of them also appreciate that they get to choose the activities that they complete.  

  • Student Reflection

In the past, I’ve unsuccessfully tried to incorporate student reflection.  I know that having students reflect on their learning is important and it also allows me to learn more about my students and their learning styles.  For this unit, on each assessment, students had to self-assess their work and explain why they gave themselves that score.  It was interesting to see how close or far away the students were from their actual score.  After I scored each of the summative assessments, I handed back their assessments and had them reflect again.  Students had to compare their actual score with their self-score and their SMART goal that they set at the beginning of the unit.  Here is a link to see a few of their end of unit reflections.

  • Higher Formative Scores

The scores on the formative quizzes are way higher than they have ever been!  This should have also helped my students do better on the summative writing assessment, but many of them missed one whole component.  I’m still working on getting my students to complete the formative practice before the summative and have an idea for my next unit.  The students who completed the formative practice (which was almost identical to the summative) scored significantly higher than the students who did not complete it.  


Things to Change…

  • Unclear Expectations

Students asked me how I was going to grade their PLT and I was really unsure at the beginning.  I knew that they needed to complete a certain number of choice activities, required quizzes and reflections, but I was unable to communicate to students how I was going to grade it.  After going through it once, I was able to develop a rubric and included that on the student PLT tracking sheet.  

  • Unclear Deadlines

Students struggled with how much to complete each day of PLT.  I had a calendar, but it only outlined the overall deadlines of the unit.  Now, I have a calendar with the due dates of the required and choice activities as well as the summative assessments.  At the beginning of each PLT, I tell students what they should have done and where they should be.  

  • Inconsistent Language

The first time through PLT, I didn’t know what to call each set of activities.  I also numbered each essential concept and grouped some of them together.  It was awkward at times explaining things to students because I didn’t have a consistent way of naming things.  My district technology integration specialist was very helpful in naming each set of activities a “playlist.”  I also stopped numbering the essential concepts and just put them under each playlist.  Now the playlists are numbered and all of the quizzes are numbered the same.

  • Too Many Handouts

There were too many handouts.  I gave students a tracking sheet, a choice packet, and a calendar.  I think it was hard for them to keep track of all of the resources and know which one to use.  Thankfully my district technology integration specialist was able to help merge everything into one concise document.  Here is a look at the updated PLT tracking sheet…

    • SMART Goal Preview:screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-1-46-00-pm


    • PLT Overview & Rubric Preview:screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-1-46-14-pm


    • 1 Playlist Preview:screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-1-46-26-pm


    • Playlist Previewscreen-shot-2017-01-25-at-1-46-41-pm


    • Post Summative Reflection Preview:screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-1-46-54-pm

I am currently wrapping up my second unit using PLT and am very curious to see how my students now feel about PLT.  There are a few minor changes that I will be making for my next unit and will share those later.  Let me know if you would like the template for PLT – I’d be happy to share!


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