Blended Learning

Student Opinion of PLT


In my last post, I explained why I like Personal Learning Time (PLT), but what do my students think?  I was really nervous when I first implemented this because I had no idea what they would think of PLT.  I checked in frequently by giving short surveys and seeking feedback from my students.  Thankfully, the majority of my students really like PLT and prefer it to my previous teaching style.

Here are the top reasons why my students like PLT:

  • I could go at my own pace (either faster or slower than classmates).
  • It allows me to learn the way that I prefer.
  • I had a lot of choice.
  • PLT gave me a better understanding of what we learned in class.
  • I get to decide if I work on my own or with others.
  • I learn the best when I get to decide what to do.


70% of my students agree or strongly agree that PLT helped them understand the concepts and be prepared for the summative assessment.  I think that the format of PLT helps students know what essential concepts that they are responsible for knowing on the summative assessment.  This is the first time that I have explained to students at the beginning of the unit exactly what they are going to have to do on the summative assessment AND shown them a rubric.  I know that this is good practice, but I haven’t done it before because I have multiple preps, am short on time, didn’t have a rubric created, or wasn’t 100% sure of what the summative will be, etc.


85% of my students agree or strongly agree that they liked having choice in the activities for PLT.  I made sure that there were a variety of large group, small group, partner and individual activities to try to meet the needs of all of my students.  In the past, I’ve had students complain about activities that we are doing in class or refuse to participate because they don’t like the activity.  I did not have one student complain about the activities during PLT!  Students want to have a say in what they do in class and PLT provides the choice that they seek.


Overall, this first attempt at PLT was a success!  There were things that I changed to make it more successful, but I’m happy to say that I am still using PLT in my French 1 classroom.




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