Blended Learning

Top 5 Reasons Why I Like PLT


Here are the top 5 reasons (in no particular order) why I like Personal Learning Time (PLT):

More Time With Students

I feel that I am able to connect with all of my students almost every class period during PLT.  I’m also able to help individuals or small groups of students understand a concept, more so than when I wasn’t doing PLT.

Less Confrontation

During class, when I approach a student, I ask them to get their PLT tracking sheet out so we can see their progress.  It seems less threatening to the student and so refreshing for me!

Students Are Engaged

Students now get to pick which activities they complete, so I feel that the students are more engaged in the learning activities.  I no longer have to twist a student’s arm to get them to participate in class because they get to decide how they learn.  This also means less confrontation.

Students Are More Successful

Students (well most of them) are actually completing their choice activities and scoring really high on their formative Schoology quizzes.  I’m seeing more students with scores of 100% on their quizzes than ever before!  I’ve always allowed students to retake formative quizzes, but they rarely did.  Now, students ask me questions about their mistakes and actually try to understand the concept before retaking.  Here is a screenshot of one section of my French 1 class:


Lesser Workload

I feel that my workload is less than before and that I’m not working harder than the students.  Before doing PLT, I felt that I was always planning.  With PLT, all of the work is up front before the unit begins.  Once the PLT is created, I just get to focus on helping the students understand the essential concepts.  

I hope you find success using PLT too!


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