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Recorded Video Notes Benefit ALL Students

One way to support all students and manage the uncertainty of the upcoming school year is to video record all of your notes. I started doing this a couple years ago and found that students were more focused and enjoyed being able to control the pace of the “lesson.” Plus it helped lower my frustration…… Continue reading Recorded Video Notes Benefit ALL Students

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Journaling in French Class

Do you use journals in your French (or World Language) class? My mentor teacher had every single level of her French classes journal once a week and I have continued to do the same in my classes on my own. Journaling in French once a week encourages students to slow down, write without stressing about…… Continue reading Journaling in French Class

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Even High Schoolers Love Stickers

Motivating students to stay engaged in online learning is a challenge for me. One of the first times that I played an online game with my live online class, a student asked me if they would get anything if they won. That made me stop and think about what I used to do when we…… Continue reading Even High Schoolers Love Stickers