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Reflections on Week 1 of Distance Learning

This first week of online learning has been pretty successful for my students.  Almost all of my students are on track and doing really well on each task.  A few were slow to start and a small number of students have not logged on to Schoology this week. I’m not sure what to call this…… Continue reading Reflections on Week 1 of Distance Learning

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Online Office Hours with a Twist

We are all embarking on a new adventure as we move our classrooms online. In the past 2 weeks, I have found that I really miss my daily interactions with my students. We had a routine and my students knew what to expect when they came into the classroom. Now everything feels like chaos. I…… Continue reading Online Office Hours with a Twist

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Personalized Learning: Dive Right In!

Personalized learning is a powerful tool that helps students take ownership of their learning. Students have a choice in the path, place and/or pace in their learning. Two other integral components of personalized learning are goal setting and reflection. Many #langchat teachers on Twitter share how they have students track and reflect on their performance.…… Continue reading Personalized Learning: Dive Right In!

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Le réchauffement climatique mini lesson

If you have a subscription to the Scholastic magazines Bonjour, check out this mini lesson that I put together on le réchauffement climatique. Read below or watch the explanation video. Vocab review on quizlet1 Jour 1 Question – C’est quoi le réchauffement OR play FluentKey live using a premade quiz that accompanies this video.Read the…… Continue reading Le réchauffement climatique mini lesson